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Up to 15 million people on earth don’t have a nationality. They don’t belong to any country and are not recognised as a citizen by any state. Those individuals are referred to as stateless people.

Our demands

Currently, German citizenship law is being reformed. Statefree aims to utilise this window of opportunity and ensure access to naturalisation for stateless people.

For this we co-developed four main demands together with our community members and external partners:

Explicit mention of statelessness in the Nationality Act

By explicitly naming statelessness in the citizenship law, stateless persons become visible as part of society and at the same time the basic prerequisite for naturalisation in the future is set.

Facilitation of naturalization for stateless children

We call for either automatic naturalisation of children born stateless in Germany or alternatively naturalisation upon application in accordance with international law.

Facilitated naturalization for in situ stateless populations

Over 36,000 stateless persons born in Germany live in this country. Many more came to Germany as children. We demand the facilitation of the naturalisation process for them.

Reduction of the minimum period of residence

Germany is obliged by the 1954 Convention to facilitate the naturalisation of stateless people as far as possible. For this reason, we demand that the reduction of the general minimum period of residence for naturalisation for stateless persons.

A community for stateless people and their allies

Statefree aims to provide a space in which statelessness can finally become visible.
We want to empower stateless people by providing a space in which they can truly belong, share their knowledge and experience, connect to each other and learn about what is happening in the statelessness sector.

In this space those affected by statelessness and those working on statelessness can
finally build community together.

From a stateless person for stateless people

Hi, my name is Christiana. I am one out of many stateless people.

A while ago I decided to build Statefree together with an incredible team. Our goal is to empower stateless people through community, visibility and equal rights. 

We want to create a sense of belonging and freedom for stateless people.

Thank you for supporting this mission! 

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PARTNERS who believe in us

European Network on Statelessness
European Network on Statelessness

Equal rights for stateless people

Statelessness is a political issue that needs political representation and commitment.
Learn more about what needs to change here.

Learn more about statelessness & share your knowledge.

In order to solve a problem we need to understand it. Statelessness lacks information and transparency.
In our community we want to community to start a global conversation about statelessness. Together we can co-create the truth about what it means to be stateless in today’s world. Join the conversation.

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