to the first digital community for stateless people and their allies. Our mission is to empower stateless people.


Millions of people on earth don’t have a nationality. They don’t belong to any country and are not recognized as a citizen by any state. Those individuals are referred to as stateless people.


A community for stateless people and their allies

Statelessness is a global issue. Still, the topic remains invisible and intransparent. Not only to the public eye, but also to those who are affected by it.

Statefree.world provides a space in which statelessness can finally become visible. In this space those affected by statelessness and those working on statelessness can finally build community. A community in which we share stories, discuss current developments and start a global conversation to co-create the truth about what it means to be stateless in today’s world.

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About Us

From a stateless person for stateless people

Hi, my name is Christiana. I am one out of many stateless people.

A while ago I decided to build community.statefree.world. A website which allows stateless people to connect to each other and to those who are fighting to end statelessness.

The goal is to build community and provide a space for stories, experiences and fruitful exchange around the topic of statelessness.


People who believe in us

European Network on Statelessness
European Network on Statelessness
European Network on Statelessness


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