Creating community for stateless people and their allies


There are millions of people in this world, who don’t belong to any nation. They are not recognized as a citizen by any country. 

Those individuals are referred to as stateless people.

statefree.world will provide a digital space for those people to finally connect to each other and their allies – non profits, activists, researchers and many more.

Hello and welcome to statefree.world

As a stateless person who was born Europe I’m one of many people on this earth, who don’t have a nationality. Living with statelessness means to live with the lack of transparency, lack of support and in many ways a lack of a community. As I began to understand that I am not the only one affected by this I decided to build a platform for stateless people and their allies to connect to each other and share stories with each other. Goal is to provide a place to those affected by statelessness and those working on statelessness to finally come together and collectively find solutions.

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This website is undertaken as part of a programme of pan-European activity coordinated by the European Network on Statelessness www.statelessness.eu

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