We are the first digital community for stateless people and their allies


Millions of people on earth don’t have a nationality. They don’t belong to any country and are not recognized as a citizen by any state. Those individuals are referred to as stateless people.


A community for stateless people and their allies

Statelessness is a global issue. Still, the topic remains invisible and intransparent. Not only to the public eye, but also to those who are affected by it.

Statefree.world provides a space in which statelessness can finally become visible. In this space those affected by statelessness and those working on statelessness can finally build community. A community in which we share stories, discuss current developments and start a global conversation to co-create the truth about what it means to be stateless in today’s world.

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About Us

From a stateless person for stateless people

Hi, my name is Christiana. I am one out of many stateless people.

A while ago I decided to build community.statefree.world. A website which allows stateless people to connect to each other and to those who are fighting to end statelessness.

The goal is to build community and provide a space for stories, experiences and fruitful exchange around the topic of statelessness.


A community for everyone

We care to provide a space in which all experiences and perspectives are heard and valued. While people affected by statelessness are at the core of the community, we invite everyone who considers themselves an ally to join the conversation.

Stateless People

You are affected by statelessness? Your nationality is either unclear, undefined or undetermined? You are not alone! Join us, share your stories and help to shape the first global community for stateless people.


You believe in the importance of speaking up? You want to act on social change? Connect to the like-minded voices of our society and increase your knowledge  in the area of statelessness by joining the conversation.


Your organisation is advocating for the rights of stateless people? Connect to those you’re aiming to support! Learn from their stories and share with them what you are up to. Help stateless people by empowering them.


You understand the importance of knowledge and want to support stateless people by creating and sharing information? Join us and share thoughts, findings and projects, while learning from the community. 


People who believe in us

Alfred Landecker Foundation & Humanity in Action

Statefree is supported by the Alfred Landecker Democracy Fellowship since October 2020.

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European Network on Statelessness

European Network on Statelessness

As a civil society alliance ENS has been supporting the development of Statefree since day one.

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European Network on Statelessness

Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion

The human rights NGO is operating globally and has been a reliable partner for Statefree.

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Join the first digital platform for stateless people.