About Statefree

Statefree is a social initiative which aims to create visibility and transparency around the topic of statelessness.
Main focus of the project is this platform: community.statefree.world. The website provides a space for stateless people to share stories, experiences and thoughts around the topic of statelessness and connect to each other as well as their allies.
Statefree believes in the act of empowerment and collective action. Therefore we invite people who are affected by statelessness to be at the core of a global conversation which will break up silos and build a connecting bridge between those who are experiencing statelessness and those who have been fighting to end statelessness.


Our mission is to provide a space in which stateless people and their allies can connect to each other and build a community of belonging.

My Story

How it all began 

What  has now grown into a project which is led by a great group of people and supported by several civil society organizations, once started with a small idea of mine. 

My name is Christiana and I am a stateless person living in Germany. Despite the fact that I’ve been affected by statelessness since birth I had never really grasp and fully understand the issue of statelessness. 

A while ago, I started my mission to find the single-source of truth for statelessness. I failed. While I wasn’t able to find the single-source of truth I did discover a huge void of information and lack of communication, especially between stateless people and organizations which are advocating for the rights of stateless people.

So, I decided to create Statefree. A platform which allows us to build community, share stories and maybe at somepoint uncover the truth I was initially looking for.


Photo by Joel Heyd


Spreading the word

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November 2020 // Watch the video