Community Guidelines

Welcome to statefree!

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Our mission is to build a community where stateless people can share their stories and experiences. We want to provide a platform that supports more transparency around the issue and allows stateless people to connect with each other.

Everyone is welcome!

Statefree was created for people affected by statelessness but we also value the contribution of everyone who wants to join the conversation. Feel free to share your own experiences and opinions. We are excited to hear about your story. Don’t share other persons’ stories without their permission.

Respect others!

We value diversity also in opinions. Please be aware that you might come across content that you don’t agree with that doesn’t violate the community guidelines. You are welcome to disagree or ask further questions in a respectful manner. Bullying, hate speech, harassment, threatening or inflammatory content is not accepted and will be removed.

Remember, this is a public forum

Be mindful of what kind of information you share about yourself. Don’t post content that invades others’ privacy. This includes sharing names, phone numbers, mail addresses or other personal information. Make sure the content you post doesn’t violate or infringe someone else’s copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights

Cite your sources

Make sure to include your sources whenever possible for example by adding the original link. This helps to maintain a constructive conversation and spread more knowledge around your topic. We reserve the right to delete links that do not contribute to the conversation.

Legal Advice

Please be aware that the community is a place to discuss and share stories. Experience doesn’t replace legal advice.


In order to make this a safe space for the community we reserve the right to delete any content or ban people from the site if the aforementioned guidelines are violated.

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