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Statelessness is a complex issue that calls for innovative solutions. We believe that joint action is the right way to create long lasting change. Our work raises awareness, reshapes narratives and creates access to equal rights for stateless people.

Our work


Stories & Media:

The Statefree Pod


The Statefree Pod is a podcast created by stateless people from our community for stateless people and everyone who wants to learn more about statelessness. 



Fighting for the right to citizenship

Together with Statefree Community Members, German Members of parliament, and partners from academia and civil society, we are working to create access to naturalisation and citizenship for over 126k stateless people in Germany. 

Art & Culture: IMAGINE

The Exhibition

Together with Florian Schwarz and 14 stateless people in seven different countries, we created our first exhibition project: IMAGINE. An exhibition portraying stateless people in an authentic and empowered way.

The launch of the exhibition took place in Constance at a state border.

You want to bring the exhibition to your city? Contact us.

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