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Are you affected by statelessness? Your story is meant to be heard!

We want to present the topic of statelessness in a modern and authentic way – together with you!

Join the mission and become visible in the exhibition “Illuminating Statelessness”.

ILLUMinating statelessness

Portraying stateless stories

Goal of Illuminating Statelessness is to shine the light on those affected by statelessness and portray their stories in photographic portraits and writing. If you decide to join the project, the specific form of the portrayal is entirely up to you. Meaning that your anonymity can be guaranteed if desired, both in pictures as well as in texts.

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The artistic concept & exhibition

Statelessness portrayed at a state border

The first exhibition will take place in Konstanz. As a city of cross-border and transnational discourse between Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Konstanz seems like the perfect place to “illuminate statelessness”.


Installations in galleries & public spaces

The exhibition will be presented partly in a gallery, partly in public spaces such as an open air installation. The different characteristics of the locations will speak to a broader audience and add an additional level of meaning.


Florian Schwarz, photographer:

„I have coffee with the people I want to photograph, we go for a walk. I meet them in their homes, have a chat with them, listen to their stories. That way, I think, authentic and respectful portraits can happen.“ – Florian Schwarz

We can’t wait to get to know you – The Team

Florian Schwarz (b. Germany, 1979) is a visual artist working at the intersection of photography, film and text. Central to his artistic practice is the human condition, his projects often deal with lifeworlds beyond public attention.

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Florian Schwarz

Christiana is a social change maker and founder of Statefree e.V. As a stateless individual she has decided to build Statefree to create visibility, community and belonging for and together with stateless people.

Christiana Bukalo

Myriam is a creative expert and founding member of Statefree e.V.. Her aim is to leverage her expertise in Communication, Social Media and Marketing to amplify the voices of those who need to be heard.

Myriam Dutzi

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