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Become an ally and support our work! Statefree is a charitable organisation which follows the mission of empowering stateless people. The work we do is based on the relentless effort and work of our volunteer team. Contribute to our vision by supporting us with a donation.

Your donation supports our work

How we take action

#1 Community

One of our main goals is to create community and a sense of belonging for stateless people

For this goal we have launched the Statefree Community platform. The platform is public and accesible globally for free.

With your donation you support us in increasing inclusion and accesibility of the platform for all stateless people and allies around the globe.

#2 Awareness

Many people have never heard about statelessness before. We aim to change this and increase awareness around the issue. For this we provide workshops and trainings to educate individuals and as organisations and create contents for our online channels . Further more we are engaging the broader society through projects such as our  photo exhibition “Illuminating Statelessness”.

#3 Change

True empowerment can only be achieved if stateless people have access to their rights! Every stateless person should be able to open a banc account, go to school or travel freely. We are working to transform political structures and legal burdens with the goal of improving the rights of stateless people and supporting our community in participating in society.